Thursday, January 31, 2008

Crispy Crust, Creamy Delights

This blog is dedicated to the goodness that is crème brûlée. Watching sugar turn to liquid, then smelling it caramelize. Breaking through the sugary crust with the back of a spoon, knowing what waits underneath. Anyone who doesn't count this procedure among the most gleeful moments in food and one of the finest ways to finish a meal must not have tried it yet, and will hopefully find this blog as an inspiration.
My personal impetus for writing this blog was receiving a Küchenprofi burneras a birthday gift from my girlfriend. While a big fan of the dish before owning such a tool, this gift set me off on a series of experiments, at least some of which I feel compelled to share.
Few dishes - desserts and otherwise - are both so simple a classic and an endless potential of new flavors and textures at the same time. Try adding a bit of crunch to the crème or give it new flavoring before letting it cool. Or replace the traditional sugar with honey. The list of potential flavors to play with is endless: orange, cinnamon, anise, tea, cardamon, lime, mint, ginger...
Crème brûlée, we think a child of staple French cuisine, has, of course, regional cousins and distant relatives, such as Spanish crema catalana, Portuguese Pastéis de nata, all sorts of flan or even English custard tart. And it's origins are far from clear. With such history and family, there should be no end to manifold moments of delight.
Happy breaking of the crust!